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Lloyd-Davies Associates
are on a Mission

A mission to provide every entrepreneur with the business knowledge, strategy expertise and coaching they need to make their startup a success. We are creating a virtual environment like no other. Entrepreneurs will have access to world-class business experts that can guide them through the proven stages of taking a good idea and turning it into a great business.


The LDA service is based on the Cohesion Platform

Experts in every field of business (our Associates) will work with an entrepreneur to fill specific gaps in their knowledge or to guide them stage-by-stage through the process of creating a strategy specific to their business. At the same time, an entrepreneur can gain knowledge of specific business fundamentals such as sales and marketing via LDA’s iPlaybooks; interactive learning modules that impart practical knowledge vital to their business success. We take the guesswork out of the startup process; collapsing the time needed to get to a launch date; we make sure the entrepreneur is spending time on the right things, not on an endless todo list. Creating the opportunity for business success is at the core of LDA’s mission.

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Why do entrepreneurs succeed?

To know why a startup is successful you need to look at why they often fail. In the UK around 20% of start-up businesses fail in the first year, and 60% within three years. Those are hard facts to read if you are an entrepreneur.

35% of startups in the UK fail because the market does not want or need their product. That tells us something fundamental; over a third of “failed” entrepreneurs could have saved themselves heartache if they had known how to research their market or discovered something the market did want.

Find out more about why startups fail and how LDA can help entrepreneurs avoid becoming a statistic.

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Don’t know what you don’t know?

Entrepreneurs need passion. And energy. And they need to know stuff.....lots of stuff. Problem is, what if they don’t know what it is they need to know? That’s where we come in. We enable entrepreneurs to quickly grasp the proven processes that will create a successful start-up, then we enable them to create the team to make that a reality.

We take the guesswork out of the start-up process; collapsing the time needed to get to a launch date and we make sure you are spending time on the right things, not on an endless todo list.

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