Perhaps you are a business bank that wants to find startups that will be the ‘next big thing’ or a major energy corporation that wants to find startups in the green-energy space or even a city that wants to grow a specific business sector.

Whoever you are, LDA can create a sponsorship program that will get you noticed, and attract the right type of entrepreneurs to your business.

Whether you want to sponsor one of our iPlaybooks or run a business-sector investment competition, our platform can help you reach exactly who you need to reach without the hit-or-miss results that typical marketing activities will often give you.

Startups are the lifeblood of the UK SME economy, with UK small businesses accounting for £1.6 trillion of private sector turnover. But how do you laser-beam your search for exactly the type of startup you need in the myriad of new lifestyle businesses? Working with LDA means you are only talking to entrepreneurs who have plans on creating and growing a significant business. They would not be using our platform if that was not their intention.

You can find out more about how the LDA platform supports the entrepreneur by following the link below. You can also visit our contact page to register your interest or start a conversation about becoming a sponsor.


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