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Erinma Bell

Erinma Bell (Non-Executive Director - President) Interview – August 2023

Prof Erinma Bell MBE is the sort of woman that makes you groan. Half of a duo that raised eight children, Erinma makes all her own clothes, is the Labour Councillor for Moss Side, Deputy Lieutenant for Greater Manchester and...

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Leigh Wharton

Dr Leigh Wharton (Non-Executive Director Lloyd-Davies Associate - Strategy) Interview August 2023

Leigh Wharton was always cut out to be an academic, in that he is very analytical and considers the what and the why of everything. But he is also practical and has run his own consultancy business...

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Martin Hanney

Martin Hanney - Lloyd-Davies Associate - Coaching and Training

Martin is a late blooming entrepreneur with a strong social conscience, significant experience in transforming customer services and applying technology to operations. His Work XP Training business is creating opportunities for young...

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Mark Plant

Mark Plant - Lloyd-Davies Associate - Turnarounds

Mark has a rich background in sales and in turnarounds, A man who was there when Microsoft launched Excel in the UK and has refocused many organisations that found themselves in challenging commercial situations.

You're bound to learn something from...

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Joyce Pemberton

Joyce Pemberton - Lloyd-Davies Associate - Tender and Bid Writing.

Joyce Pembertons last eleven bids have seen ten tenders won, that is a 91% success rate in what is, in my view, the most important part of any business, generating orders. Understanding how Joyce became capable of delivering this...

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Austin Merrett

Austen Merrett - Lloyd Davies Associate - Operating Models

Austin has just co-authored the standard OMBOK (Operating Model Body of Knowledge) which we are creating playbooks to support in the Cohesion Platform. Here Don Phillips talks to Austin about his career and how he gained the knowledge to...

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James Roberts

James Roberts - Lloyd-Davies Associate - Marketing

It started under the stairs and now supports a very solid business that has been established 20 years, but that hides an ability to ride the technology waves that constantly hit the vital area of marketing. James Roberts understands his space and...

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Malcolm Tullett

Malcolm Tullett - Lloyd-Davies Associate - Health and Safety and Risk Management

A seafaring and fire fighting background has provided Malcolm Tullett with the knowledge base to advise in the vital are of Health and Safety, here he talks to Don Phillips about gaining the experience he has, writing...

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