As an entrepreneur you have probably read (or are planning to read) some of the many books on ‘how to be a successful entrepreneur’. Whilst these books offer insight into the world of the entrepreneur, they often tell the story of success without ever telling the reader the details behind the story, leaving the reader thinking ‘yes, but what did you actually do to get there?’ Reading books is a great start but when it comes to knowing how to move from a great idea to a successful business the entrepreneur needs specifics. That is what LDA provides - the knowledge, strategy and people to move from an idea to a successful business, based on proven techniques.

LDA takes the guesswork out of the start-up process; collapsing the time needed to get to a launch date. We make sure the entrepreneur is spending time on the right things, not on an endless todo list.

Via the LDA platform, entrepreneurs have access to world-class business experts (we call them our Associates) that can guide them through the proven stages of taking a good idea and turning it into a great business. Experts in every field of business will work with an entrepreneur to fill specific gaps in their knowledge or to guide them stage-by-stage through the process of creating a strategy specific to their business idea.

At the same time, an entrepreneur can gain knowledge of specific business fundamentals such as sales and marketing via LDA’s iPlaybooks; interactive learning modules that impart practical knowledge vital to business success.

With 20% of UK startup businesses failing in the first year and 60% within three years, you owe it to your dream to get this right the first time.

You can find out more about how the LDA platform will support you by following the link below. Or you can visit our contact page to register your interest, so we can keep you updated as we near our launch date.


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